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    One of the coolest xenForo features is its Alerts System. Using this system you can be notified when a new thread is posted in a forum you're watching, when there are new posts in a thread you're watching, when someone quotes one of your messages, when you are mentioned, when someone follows you, etc.

    It's a really useful system that allows you not to miss anything that might interest you in Frackers.

    To customize what and how to receive alerts, hover your mouse over your username on the top right part of the forum (or here):


    Once on the Alert Preferences page, you can choose what alerts to receive and you can also see all the alerts you've received recently.


    If you are a content provider, it's a good idea to disable the "Quotes your message" option or you will receive dozens of these alerts a day and they might push back other important alerts.

    Any questions about this, please post them here.

    -Frackers Administration
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