Premium Membership

This page discusses the most frequently asked questions about the Premium forums and memberships. Please contact us if you have further questions.

  • I filled out the Premium Membership form, what happens next?
    We will contact you within a few hours to let you know how you can send us your donation.

  • I just donated. How long do I have to wait to get promoted to Premium?
    We promote most members within a few hours after a donation is sent; but it may take longer if no Administrator is online during this period. We rarely take more than 24 hours to promote accounts unless money was sent using a check or if the transaction was put on hold.

  • Is donating to Frackers safe?
    Absolutely. All transactions are done through well-known and secure third party services.

  • Are payments for the Premium membership recurring?
    All membership plans/payments are non-recurring.

  • My Premium membership expired. How can I renew it?
    Follow the same steps you were given the first time you donated. You can click on the "Join Premium" tab on the header to begin the process. If you're unsure, let us know and we will contact you soon.

  • Can I donate using a payment method not listed on the join premium form?
    Maybe. Contact us and let us know the payment method you would like to use. Please also include the amount you would like to donate. We will contact you within 48h to let you know if we can use the payment method.

  • How many of my requests will be filled once I become a Premium member?
    We fill most requests; but it doesn't mean that we will fill most (or any) of your requests. We do promise that we work on all of them.

  • Am I immune to banning if I become a Premium member?
    No. The general forum rules apply to all members. You will also get banned if you share your account with someone else or if we discover you re-distributed our premium content on other sites. We also have zero tolerance against members using hacked payment processor accounts or stolen credit card numbers to join Premium or members sharing (or requesting) child pornography.

  • How often are the Premium forums updated?
    We update the Premium forums almost every day. In average, we post between 150 and 200 threads with fresh content every month.

  • Can I preview the Premium area?
    You can preview our Premium forums here.

  • I have more questions?
    You can send us a message here or you can open a new thread here.