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Discussion in 'Frackers Chatter' started by misteroso, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. misteroso

    misteroso Active Fracker FRACKERS MEMBER

    Although it is still young, NxO is showing a lot of promise. I predict that in the next few months it will take its proper place as a leader in the password and adult forum field. I really do not need a crystal ball to make this prediction because it has all the vital elements for success: able Admins, Moderators and Staff plus a topnotch cracking team.

    Congratulations to all for a job well done!!!
  2. Auira

    Auira Guest

    Thanks, I agree it's so far showing a good promise, it certainly started better than we thought it would. The Team itself however is a strong one, Not all of the team from our old board made it unfortunately, but I'm glad that we still have the team that is here, since they've shown alot of strength & spirit the last few weeks... Still abit of a shame we had to lose the old boards & near all content on them.

    Anyway I'm glad you like it, We spent quite awhile on it, the team spent alot of time filling up the forums with the initial content.
  3. The Crow


    Thanks misteroso. I feel the same way, we have the right ingredients to make this great... we just need to mix them right and having a little luck is always good too.
    There's still plenty of room to improve and everyday I'm sure things will get better and better... we started this from scratch, less than a month ago... it's very impressive we what we've accomplished so far. ;;)
  4. misteroso

    misteroso Active Fracker FRACKERS MEMBER

    I think not having the whole X-World team might be a good thing. I suppose some have moved on but from what I've seen, you got the cream of the crop. It's always difficult keeping crackers happy and motivated.

    Auira one of the first thing I noticed when I first joined was the amount of preparation you guys spent filling up all the forums. This is so different from other "start-ups" and I have to admit I was impressed.

    As good as the whole X-world team was, you guys now have a chance to build something even better. Of course, it is a shame that you lost the contents of the old board but I am confident you can slowly build up your own. After all, let us not forget you are just a few weeks old!

    With a mixture of the old X-World team and a few additions from other forums who can contribute new ideas and a different perspective the people may yet forget the old and remember only NxO.

    You are right, The Crow we all need some luck to build a successful forum. But with the team you already have here, a team I think other forums will "kill" for just to have half of it, you will need very little luck.
  5. Hanging Chad

    Hanging Chad Well-Known Fracker FRACKERS MEMBER

    It's really very kind of you! Glad to have members like you who are genuinely concerned about the well-being of the board!
  6. Auira

    Auira Guest

    Well the moderators we have here while definately good are mostly spliffys mods from Images/Movies areas, The mods from Passes area only 1 made it, Holdem... Although dian was a passchecker in X-Elites so I were ok with making him mod for passes area here... Keeping crackers motivated were always a tough one, our cracking team is much much smaller than it were on X-Exploitz... Yet in terms of activity, we got perhaps some of the most active of the team, though it is possible we will regrow in that area hopefully.

    Our old board went down on 23rd December, or around then... I got in touch with The Crow early January & We made the temporary board around early Jan, we got in touch with as much as the team as possible & directed to temporary board, in that time we got a little bit of input for the new structure of the new board, we expected the old board not to return but we also wanted to wait to see, in that time we started work on this board, from scratch, I spent literally hours upon hours, building the areas & permissions of the board including the usergroups, The Crow spent hours on templates, functions, buttons, skins & all other things that make the forum works, & he made the cracking areas along with tweaking some permissions to fit other functions, overall we spent a few weeks just me, The Crow & Spliffy building the main of the forum, then the rest of the team came & from around 22nd January we spent a week just flooding the forum with content which we'd asked the team to save ready for when they had access... & then we opened 1st Feb, just 2 days & our 1st day (offcially to public) open we had 107 registrations... Much more than we thought we'd get... The amount of time put into the forums overall is alot but there is still things for us to do & improve upon.
  7. navigator

    navigator Apprentice FRACKERS MEMBER

    I understand how time consuming the small things can be on putting a Forum together. Always good to see a team effort come together.

    It is not the quantity that matters in these respects. It is the quality. Staff members, Admin downward impact heavily on that.

    This is very promising. I only say that as the spread of word will tell from quality members, due to the fact you need to register [which negates most spambots - the bane of many Forums].

    Looking forward to the progression over the coming months.

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