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    We're finally back from our longest downtime in more than 3 years. The MySQL server started crashing out of the blue last Saturday morning and the crashes coincided with power issues on my work computer so I couldn't do anything about it at that moment.

    I decided to put the forum offline to avoid any (possible) further damage. Thankfully I fixed my computer the next day so I was able to start working on fixing the server. I found the problem and fixed it quickly.

    I could've put the forum online on Sunday night, but instead I decided to spend a couple of days giving the forum and the server a much needed maintenance. I won't go into the technical details, but I basically upgraded and optimized everything on the server. It already feels a lot faster (although it could be the fact that not a lot of people are using it now); but regardless, the upgrades should make it faster and more stable.

    I also removed about 200k old and useless threads from various forums. I upgraded the forum and plugins to its latest versions.

    I also tried to install an SSL certificate, I had a lot of problems during the installation, so I won't do this for now. I will try again soon.

    I will continue the forum cleaning and optimizing in the following days.

    Since a lot of things were upgraded on the server (including PHP), it's possible you'll find errors or broken things. If you do, please report them in this thread and I'll fix them ASAP.

    All Premium Members have been given an extra week of access to compensate for the downtime.

    If you have any questions or comments, please reply and let us know.

    Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding.

    The Crow
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